Application for Network Members

Thank you for your interest in joining the For Houston's Kids network! One of the features that distinguishes For Houston's Kids is the commitment made by members of the network of service providers to engage deeply in collaboration. This is a collaboration

  • 1. in learning with and from one another for measurable results
  • 2. in strategizing together to reduce duplication of services and the existence of asset deserts
  • 3. in implementing solutions that ensure access to what kids need to be whole and healthy.

This kind of collaboration is uncommon … and essential! In order to help already busy service providers move us from "good intentions" to "actions", For Houston's Kids network members make promises about these collaborations for which we are willing to be held accountable for one year after making them.

After you have applied online to become a member of the For Houston's Kids network of service providers you will receive an email with an attachment detailing these promises. When you/your organization has signed and returned that declaration of promises (by scan, fax, or snail mail), you will be sent another email with a link for access to the member pages of the network website and to the pages for posting volunteer opportunities with and within your organization.

Again, thank you for your desire to see every neighborhood and school of greater Houston producing whole and healthy kids!! Apply to be a member of For Houston's Kids network here: