Healthier kids for a healthier future.

For Our Kids And For Our City! The vision and purpose of For Houston's Kids is to produce whole and healthy kids in every neighborhood, school and community in Greater Houston who become productive adults making positive contributions to society.

Houston is an incredibly wealthy city. We have remarkable citizens who care deeply about the needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us. We have stellar leaders in the not-for-profit, private enterprise and government sectors. We have organizations that are creative and resilient. And we have generous donors … even in challenging economic times. Nevertheless, in spite of our best efforts, the statistics tell us that the number of children failing to achieve physical, mental, social-emotional, educational and spiritual well-being remains unacceptable. We are winning occasional battles, but we are losing the war when it comes to meeting the needs of Houston's kids. Further, we have a rapidly growing number of children and youth who are "at risk" – those most likely to lack access to the assets necessary to be whole and healthy kids or to become whole, healthy, and productive adults.

So how do we alter the present and create a preferred future for every kid in every Houston neighborhood, school, and community?

In 2011, experienced educators and leaders from multiple sectors across Houston gave birth to an intentionally collaborative initiative, For Houston's Kids. These truth-tellers recognized that if we continue to work in isolation from one another we will continue to have inspirational individual success stories to tell but fail to change the overall picture for the greatest percentage of our kids. The members of the For Houston's Kids network are committed to learning together, reducing duplication of efforts, strategizing together, and collaborating on solutions in order to make sure that every child in every neighborhood, school and community of Houston has access to what is essential for the present and future health and well-being of our kids. They are also committed to tapping the most significant, life-giving resource our city has: you, the volunteer whose reservoir of talents and experiences and love can transform the life of a kid and strengthen the organizations working for them. For Houston's Kids envisions engaging 250,000 volunteers annually who help produce whole and healthy kids in every neighborhood, school and community of greater Houston.

By creating and supporting a movement of informed and inspired volunteers, For Houston's Kids will help provide these children with the skills and encouragement that will enable them to have hopeful, productive futures. This is good not only for the kids but essential for our entire community and for the future of our city.