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Volunteer Houston and For Houston’s Kids – Team Up to make a lasting impact!

For Houston's Kids is a network of private, public, civic and faith-based providers of services committed to ensuring that every neighborhood, school, and community of Greater Houston has the resources needed to produce whole and healthy kids.

For Houston's Kids will do this by:

  • Mobilizing 250,000 volunteers annually to serve through opportunities that are easily found on a single website
  • Creating new programs to deliver needed services where none currently exist
  • Reporting and learning from measurable results related to indicators of kids' holistic development

“The importance of For Houston’s Kids teaming up with Volunteer Houston is that it takes collaboration to achieve these types of goals”

- Steve Capper, President or For Houston’s Kids.

The creation of this partnership will allow agencies to select volunteer opportunities that benefit youth and are driven to the measurable outputs of both Volunteer Houston and For Houston’s Kids.

“Houston is known for its altruistic spirit and Volunteer Houston has been on the front line of helping Houstonians connect with their volunteer passions for 40 years,”

said Cameron Waldner, Volunteer Houston’s CEO.

“By partnering with For Houston’s Kids the Houston community is able to have a single to find volunteer opportunities and measure the impact that we are having across this great region.”